The power of Elixir in a simple Platform-as-a-Service

We <3 Elixir and Phoenix, but deploying and operating Elixir in production can get complicated pretty quickly, especially if you want hot upgrades, clustering, remote observer, long-lived concurrent connections, and high uptime. Focus on your app and let us handle the rest. Learn More

No credit card required.
Free tier is limited to 1 instance and 1 PostgreSQL database.

Node Clustering

Connect your nodes together to form a distributed, fault-tolerant cluster and take advantage of all the distributed features Elixir offers such as distributed Phoenix channels. Learn More


Hot Upgrades

Deploy new code without restarting and you get true zero downtime deploys that don't drop websocket connections or lose in-memory state. Learn More


Remote Console

Drop into a remote console on your live production node, not a new, one-off instance. Use it to run any command you want. Learn More


Remote Observer

Connect Observer to a remote production node and see process trees, message queues, and reduction counts to help you debug, trace, and monitor your live production apps. Learn More


Automatic SSL/TLS

Get fully automated SSL/TLS encryption for your custom domains. Learn More


Full SSH Access

Get full SSH access to your production nodes and inspect and debug any way you like. Learn More

Quick Start

pip install gigalixir
gigalixir signup
gigalixir login 
git clone
cd gigalixir-getting-started
APP_NAME=$(gigalixir create)
git push gigalixir master
curl https://$
gigalixir create_database $APP_NAME

For more details, follow the quick start guide.