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Aman Bahuguna

Works great with Heroku

The support team is much more responsive in providing valuable support in the least amount of time.

Thanks, Gigalixir!


Great platform and support for Elixir LiveView apps

We’ve been running our community app on Gigalixir for a year now, and the experience has been great. It’s a reliable, well documented, and well supported service. The team have alway been quick to provide support when needed, and this gives me confidence to continue to host with them.


A dream come true for Elixir Developers

I’ve been running several hobby and professional apps in the wild with Gigalixir for several years. Getting started was extremely straight forward, and the docs have been able to answer almost all of my questions. When the docs don’t provide an answer (to problems caused by my error 99% of the time), the support staff at Gigalixir has been incredible. They’re highly responsive, even outside of the hours the publish, and extremely patient, working through issues primarily caused by my inexperience.

Nick Dichev

Awesome experience spinning up a unique solution!

The Gigalixir team went above and beyond to help my company out with a unique solution on their platform.

Tim, the Gigalixir CTO, assisted me throughout the process of setting up an AWS PrivateLink setup between their VPC (where our services are running) and our VPC (where our RDS instance is running).

I’m certainly not a networking expert but Tim had no problem helping me out with the troubleshooting along the way. Couldn’t have done it without his help!

Gigalixir provides an awesome platform for deploying your apps! Every experience I’ve had with their support team has been very positive as well!



Gigalixir is solid. Their support and documentation are excellent, which makes all the difference. I have used them for three years and for multiple projects and have been very happy with my experience.

Will Gilman

Wish I'd discovered sooner

I spend ages getting custom containers and VPNs configured in AWS using YAML for my Elixir apps before discovering Gigalixir. The setup process is simple and transparent, and configuring CI/CD is just another command line push from your existing git repo. The folks at Gigalixir are very responsive and have helped me resolve some troublesome bugs in short order. Their service is far superior to what my team setup on AWS, and the time saved on devops so I can focus on development is well worth it. I highly recommend to anyone needing easy-to-use devops.


I recently had my first challenge with…

I recently had my first challenge with a deployment (after being on Gigalixir for over a year) that I couldn’t resolve from the documentation so put in an email to support! I had a quick response and very helpful guidance and the issue was resolved within a half day.

I’ve found it easy to do deploys and scale up and down using both the command line and the web application.

Five stars comes from my background working with cloud infrastructure and Elixir. I admittedly don’t have much comparable experience with the competition, but I do have experience supporting cloud operations and know how much Gigalixir has put into making their product as great as possible. I anticipate good things to continue to be added on, as the platform matures.

Stephen Wooten

I am new to the Gigalixir platform but…

I am new to the Gigalixir platform but just worked with their support team to fix 2 recurring issues we were struggling with for some time. I appreciate the hands-on help we received!


Gigalixir is super easy to use

Gigalixir is super easy to use. Takes all the deployment and scaing headache out of the picture, and lets us focus on the development of our app.

Greggory Caines

great experience so far

I tried a few elixir paas and found gigalixir to be the simplest and easiest to get something running with database, custom domain and ssl cert. The support team was quick with solutions for me when I got stuck as well.

Emil Sjöblom

Deployment that "just works" 👌

I’ve had our production environment with Gigalixir for over a year now and it’s been an awesome experience, and “just works”!

I’m a n00b when it comes to dev ops but these days it’s not a burden at all.

And in the few cases it doesn’t then support is there to help, always fast, knowledgeable and friendly.

Jamie Wright

Gigalixir's support is top notch!

Gigalixir’s support is top notch!

Gigalixir’s platform is the best Elixir platform in existence. I recently ran into a weird issue when connecting and support got back to me right away and fixed my issue within a matter of minutes.

They care.

Fabian Strebel

Managing Elixir apps with ease

Managing Elixir apps with Gigalixir is awesome. Creating new instances, scaling them and deploying new versions is only a few clicks or one CLI command away. The documention is extensive and well explained. The support is great and very fast (I only had one support ticket so far, but it was resolved within hours).

I think Gigalixir is the goto platform-as-a-service for hosting Elixir apps as it has been built and optimized to support the full potential of Elixir.