Restoring Postgres Backups

TL;DR: Gigalixir now gives you direct access to your postgres backups and restore from them.

Gigalixir’s Postgres-as-a-Service product uses Google Cloud SQL under the hood and Cloud SQL automatically keeps backups of your databases. Until now, if you wanted to restore your database from one of those backups, you had to contact us and we would do it for you manually. This meant a slower turnaround time which is probably not what you want when your database is having problems.

We added a new command to the Gigalixir CLI to help.

Starting from version 1.0.11, you can :

  • Run gigalixir pg:backups:restore to restore your database from a backup.
  • Run gigalixir pg:backups to get a list of your available backups.
  • Run gigalixir pg to see the status of your restore operation.

For more, see the documentation at /docs/database#how-to-restore-a-database-backup